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Return to Two Moon Junction

Savannah Delongpre is a successful fashion model, living in the bustling city of New York. However, she yearns to reconnect with her roots, which are firmly planted in a small town in Georgia. She decides to take a break from her fast-paced life and returns to Georgia to visit her wealthy grandmother, Belle, and relive her memories of growing up.

As she reconnects with old friends and familiar places, Savannah meets Jake Gilbert, a rugged and mysterious artist who lives on the property called Two Moon Junction, owned by Belle. Unfortunately, the two families have been feuding for years, adding complexity to Savannah and Jake’s growing bond.

Despite opposition from Belle and Savannah’s possessive boyfriend, Robert Lee, she can’t help but fall for Jake’s charming and alluring personality. The two start a sordid affair, and Savannah finds herself lost in a world of passion, forgetting about her stressful life back in the city.

However, Robert Lee is not content to let Savannah go, and he arrives in town with a plan to break up the lovers. He wants to purchase the Two Moon Junction property and evict Jake from the area. Savannah must decide whether to fight for her newfound love or return to the superficial world she left behind in New York.

In this heartwarming Southern love story, we witness the challenges of choosing between love and superficiality, tradition and rebellion, and finding oneself in a complex world.

Keywords: Southern, Love Story, Passion, Feud, Tradition, Rebellion.

Duration: 96


IMDb: 3.9