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Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself: The Gamble

Yûji, a former horse racing enthusiast, has been down on his luck recently. He had lost everything he owned to horse racing and was close to giving up on life. However, one fateful day, he stumbled upon 10 million yen – a sum of money that could turn his life around for good.

With this newfound wealth, Yûji dreamed of starting anew, but he was quickly awakened to the reality of the situation. This money he found belonged to the Yakuza, notorious Japanese crime syndicates who operate with an iron fist. Yûji knew that keeping the money would be playing with fire, but the thought of returning it to the criminals terrified him even more.

However, Yûji’s greed proved to be his downfall, and he decided to use the 10 million yen to start gambling again. He thought that this was his chance to make a fortune and change his life. Little did he know that he was in for a world of trouble.

As the Yakuza caught wind of their missing money, they began hunting down Yûji. He went from living the high life to constantly looking over his shoulder, worried about when the Yakuza would catch up with him.

This thrilling tale of greed, desperation, and danger highlights the harsh consequences of playing with fire. Yûji’s story serves as a cautionary tale to those who may be tempted to take the easy way out – sometimes, it’s just not worth the risk.

Keywords: horse racing, Yakuza, crime syndicate, gambling, cautionary tale.

Duration: 80


IMDb: 5.8