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Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself: The Loot

Meet Yûji and Kosaku, two expert trackers sent on a mission to locate an old man. However, their quest takes an unexpected turn when the man suddenly passes away, and his granddaughter enters the picture with a mysterious map leading to a hidden treasure. As Yûji and Kosaku set out on a new adventure to uncover the buried fortune, they find themselves plunged into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the notorious yakuza and a corrupt member of the police force.

But what is the hidden treasure? What secrets does the map hold, and why are the yakuza and the corrupt cop so desperate to find it? As the two trackers delve deeper and navigate treacherous terrain, they unearth long-buried family secrets and a web of deceit that threatens their safety and the success of their mission.

Join Yûji and Kosaku on an exciting treasure hunt filled with twists and turns, danger, and suspense. Will they outsmart the ruthless criminals hot on their heels, or will they fall prey to their deadly game?

Keywords: trackers, treasure hunt, mystery, yakuza, corruption, family secrets, danger.

Duration: 80


IMDb: 7.2